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Fourier Transform and its Applications - Lecture 4

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Lecture 4 - Inner Product, Complex Exponentials

Wrapping Up Fourier Series; Making Sense Of Infinite Sums And Convergence, Integrability Of A Function (Implies Existence Of Fourier Coefficients, Convergence), Orthogonality Of Complex Exponentials (Review), The Inner Product, Norm Of F Related To The Inner Product (+ Pythagorean Theorem), Complex Exponentials As Orthonormal Functions, Fourier Coefficients As Projections Onto Complex Exponentials, Rayleigh's Identity, Application Of Fourier Series To Heat Flow

Prof. Brad G Osgood
The Fourier Transform and its Applications EE261
(Stanford University: Stanford Engineering Everywhere)
Date accessed: 2009-09-24
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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