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Introduction to Electronics, Signals, and Measurement

Course Summary

This course is based on 6.071J / 22.071J Introduction to Electronics, Signals, and Measurement, Spring 2006 made available by Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.
The course is designed to provide a practical - hands on - introduction to electronics with a focus on measurement and signals. The prerequisites are courses in differential equations, as well as electricity and magnetism. No prior experience with electronics is necessary. The course will integrate demonstrations and laboratory examples with lectures on the foundations. Throughout the course we will use modern "virtual instruments" as test-beds for understanding electronics. The aim of the course is to provide students with the practical knowledge necessary to work in a modern science or engineering setting.

Reading Material

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Course Material

1. Introduction; Learning about the Lab Tools

2. Introduction to Signals

3. Fourier Transform and Fourier Series

4. Protoboarding Techniques, Sampling, and Aliasing

5. Resistor Networks 1

6. Resistor Networks 2

7. Measuring the Temperature Coefficient of Resistors

8. Equivalent Circuits, Power Transfer

9. Dependent Sources, Op Amps, Current Sources

10. Capacitors and Inductors

11. Sinusoidal Steady State Response of RL and RC Circuits

12. Sinusoidal Steady State Response: Impedance

13. Filters

14. Filters, Bandwidth, Q Factor

15. Transients

16. Diodes, Signal Conditioning

17. Diodes, Signal Conditioning, Voltage Regulation

18. Introduction to BJT

19. BJT Biasing and Amplification

20. Introduction to the Op Amp

21. Building and Testing Op Amp Circuits

22. Comparators and Schmitt Trigger

23. Schmitt Trigger Oscillator

24. IR Transmission and Detection

25. Design and Build a Heart Rate Monitor

26. Digital Design

Other Resources

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