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Programming Paradigms - Lecture 4

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Lecture 4 - Generics, Swapping Pointers, Generic Linear Search

Creating a Generic Swap Function for Data Types of Arbitrary Size, Void* Type for Generic Pointers, Implementation of Swap Function Using memcpy, Client Interface to Generic Swap Function, Pros and Cons of C Generics vs. C++ Generics, Errors Resulting from Improper Use of C Generic Swap Function that Compile, Swapping Pointers, Pitfalls when Swapping Pointers Using Generics, Implementing a Generic Linear Search, Implementing a Generic Linear Search, Using Casts and Pointer Arithmetic, Comparing Memory Blocks Using memcmp or a Comparison Function

Prof. Jerry Cain
CS107 Programming Paradigms
(Stanford University: Stanford Engineering Everywhere)
Date accessed: 2009-05-09
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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