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Programming Paradigms - Lecture 7

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Lecture 7 - Stack Implementation (cont)

Problems with Ownership of Memory, How Default Implementation of Stackdispose Does Not Free Dynamically Allocated Data, Adding a Free Function to the Stack Implementation, Rewriting Stackdispose to Incorporate It, Writing a Free Function for a Stack of C-Strings, Pitfalls When Writing Such Functions, C Library Functions for Assignment 3 - Memmove (Memcpy That Can Copy Using Two Regions That Overlap), Example of Rotate Function, C Qsort Function, Global Layout of Memory - Stack Segment, Heap Segment, How the Heap Manager Allocates And Frees Memory on the Heap, Underlying Linked List of Free Node Information

Prof. Jerry Cain
CS107 Programming Paradigms
(Stanford University: Stanford Engineering Everywhere)
Date accessed: 2009-05-09
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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