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Programming Paradigms - Lecture 12

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Lecture 12 - Preprocessing Commands

Preprocessing Commands - #Define as a Glorified Find and Replace, Preprocessing Macros - Preprocessor Commands With Arguments, Example of Macro Usage in the Vector assignment to Calculate the Address of the Nth Element, Assert Macro Implementation, How Asserts are Stripped Out for the Final Product Using #Ifdef and #Define, C Macro Drawbacks When Given More Complex Arguments, #Include as a Search and Replace Operation, < > Vs. " ", Output to the Compiler After Preprocessing, How to View the Output of the Preprocessor Using Gcc, How to Avoid Circular #Include Loops Using #Ifndef, #Define, and #Endif, Visual Representation of the Result of Preprocessing (The Translation Unit) that Is Passed to the Compiler to Create a .O File, An Example Illustrating the Preprocessing and Compilation of a Simple Program

Prof. Jerry Cain
CS107 Programming Paradigms
(Stanford University: Stanford Engineering Everywhere)
Date accessed: 2009-05-09
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Lecture Material

Supplementary lecture material is listed below.

1. Assignment 4
2. Assignment 4 Solutions



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