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Programming Paradigms - Lecture 25

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Lecture 25 - Python dictionary

Rewriting RSG to Illustrate all Three Paradigms and Lambdas in Python, How Objects Are Implemented in Python, Python Dictionary Implementation, Writing an RSG Grammar in Python Using A Dictionary and Lists, Expanding the Start Terminal Using all Three Paradigms at Once, Changing the Expand Function to A Binary Function, Modifying the Map to Use A Python Lambda Function As A Result, Python Object Model From A Memory Standpoint, How Objects Are Passed By Reference and How Lists Are Copied, How to Make A Deeper Copy of an Object in Python Using Copy or Deepcopy, Objects and Classes in Python, How They Are Stored As Dictionaries, Example of A Class Constructor and How it Creates Initializes the Class's Data, Rest of the Python Lexicon Implementation, Python Object Interface, Accessing the Underlying Dictionay of an Object, Inserting New Values into an Object's Underlying Dictionary

Prof. Jerry Cain
CS107 Programming Paradigms
(Stanford University: Stanford Engineering Everywhere)
Date accessed: 2009-05-09
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Lecture Material

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1. Networking with Python



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