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Lectures (Video)

Machine Structures

Course Summary

This course is based on CS 61C Machine Structures, Spring 2008 made available by University of California, Berkeley: Webcast.Berkeley under the Creative commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 license.
This course covers the internal organization and operation of digital computers. Topics include machine architecture, support for high-level languages (logic, arithmetic, instruction sequencing) and operating systems (I/O, interrupts, memory management, process switching). Elements of computer logic design. Tradeoffs involved in fundamental architectural design decisions. The course is taught by a dynamic lecturer Dan Garcia who managed to make a relatively dry subject very interesting. A good set of lecture notes is available.

Reading Material

1. Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/software Interface
David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy, Peter J. Ashenden, James R. Larus, Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/software Interface, 3rd Ed., Morgan Kaufmann, 2004, ISBN 9781558606043.
(Click the button below to see a preview of the book)

2. The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version, 2nd Ed
Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie, The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version, 2nd Ed., Prentice Hall, 1988, ISBN 9780131103627

Course Material

1. Storage Management notes (223 KB pdf)

2. Reference card for GDB version 5 (84 KB pdf)

3. Notes on C - Brian Harvey (153KB pdf)

4. Notes on Synchronous Digital Systems (596 KB pdf)

5. Notes on State Elements (1.07 MB pdf)

6. Notes on Combinational Logic Blocks (496 KB pdf)

Other Resources

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Discussion Forum

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