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Offshore Wind Farm Design

Course Summary

This course is based on Offshore Wind Farm Design (OE5662) made available by Delft University of Technology under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (NL) license.
This is a very interesting course on offshore wind farms. It covers the design of offshore wind farms in general and the foundation design in particular. It is based on actual cases of real offshore wind farms that have been built recently or will be built in the near future. The course gives a general overview of the different components, equipment and parties involved in the design of offshore wind farms. It focusses on general wind farm layout, grid connection, installation methodology and covers in depth the design of the offshore wind turbine for the specific offshore location. An excellent set of lecture material is included.
Wind farm
Original photo by Kim Hansen, License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Reading Material

1. Renewable and efficient electric power systems
Gilbert M. Masters, Renewable and efficient electric power systems, Wiley-IEEE, 2004, ISBN 9780471280606
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2. Understanding renewable energy systems
Volker Quaschning, Understanding renewable energy systems, Earthscan, 2005, ISBN 9781844071289
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3. Wind and solar power systems: design, analysis, and operation
Mukund R. Patel, Wind and solar power systems: design, analysis, and operation, CRC Mechanical Engineering Series, CRC Press, 2006, ISBN 9780849315701
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4. Handbook of wind energy
Tony Burton, Handbook of wind energy, John Wiley and Sons, 2001, ISBN 9780471489979
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Course Material

1. Costs of offshore wind energy
Costs of offshore wind energy - article from Renewable energy world, March-April 2004
2. Foundation design
Foundation design (API) Section G: Foundation Design - From API, RP 2A-LRFD: Planning, Designing and Constructing Fixed Offshore Platforms - Load and Resistance Factor Design, 1993
3. Hydrodynamic loading on monopile support structures for preliminary design
"Hydrodynamic loading on monopile support structures for preliminary design" - Paper with equations and look-up tables for hydrodynamic loading of piles, using linear wave theory and Morison's equation.
4. Indicative soil properties
Indicative soil properties - From Balrtrop, NDP; Dam, AJ., Dynamics of fixed marine structures
5. Laterally loaded piles
Laterally loaded piles - Blum's method to calculate pile length of a laterally load pile
6. NF Stepped monotower
NF Stepped monotower - Natural frequency estimation of a stepped monotower, using Rayleigh's approach
7. Power connections for offshore wind farms
"Power connections for offshore wind farms" - Master thesis on electrical and mechanical properties of the electrical infrastructure of an offshore wind farm
8. Soft-soft, not hard enough?
"Soft-soft, not hard enough?" - Paper about the principles of resonance of offshore wind turbine structures
9. Terminology, reference systems and conventions
"Terminology, reference systems and conventions" - This document provides guidelines for communication within the European JOULE III project, Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines at Exposed Sites,(OWTES). It is an update and review of the Terminology used in the Opti-OWECS project
10. The effect of scour on the design of offshore wind turbines
"The effect of scour on the design of offshore wind turbines" - Explanation of and model for scour and an analysis of the effect on the design of monopiles.
11. Wind power systems
Wind power systems - A book chapter from the book "Renewable and efficient electric power systems" by Gilbert M. Masters, Stanford University.

Other Resources

1. Wind power to combat climate change
Wind is one of Denmark's most abundant natural energy sources, today accounting for one-fifth of the electricity supplied through Danish outlets. In just under 30 years, Denmark has become world champ when it comes to harnessing the otherwise tough-to-control wind energy in the power system. But how? This is precisely what this film wants to clarify.

Denmark uses windpower to combat climate change


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