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International Environmental Law

Course Summary

This course is based on Law 27171 International Environmental Law, Spring 2009 made available by University of California, Berkeley: Webcast.Berkeley under the Creative commons BY-NC-ND license.
This is a course on the role of law in the management of international environmental problems. It starts with a brief introduction to public international law as it relates to the environment. A range of environmental issues, legal sources, and institutions will then be covered. The course will include consideration of international environmental treaties, the role of the International Court of Justice in identifying and establishing international environmental law, international regulation of private conduct that affects the environment, trade and the environment, international financial institutions, human rights and the environment, and the relationship between domestic and international law. (Videos of lectures are available for this course.)

Reading Material

1. International Environmental Law and Policy
Brown Weiss, McCaffrey, Magraw, Tarlock, International Environmental Law and Policy, 2nd edition (2007).

Course Material

Not available.

Other Resources

1. Video: International Environmental Law - An Introduction
Edith Brown Weiss, "International Environmental Law - An Introduction", accessed on 1 Oct 2009 from the website of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law,

This lecture divides the evolution of international environmental law into three periods: before 1972, 1972-1992, 1992-2012. It highlights special characteristics of this area of law and suggests lessons learned from past experience. Prof. Edith Brown Weiss is Professor of International Law in Georgetown University Law Center.


Not available.

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