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Interdisciplinary Seminars - Jörg Imberger: Life in a Changing Climate - Oct 2008

Seminar 5 - Jörg Imberger: Life in a Changing Climate - Oct 2008

As part of the Victor Wouk Lectureship series, Jörg Imberger presented a talk called "Life in a Changing Climate." Imberger, the director of the Centre for Water Research and professor of environmental engineering at the University of Western Australia, says, "Humans, by expanding our reach to global scales through technology, have set up a 50-year global experiment where we are both the observers and the subjects and for which we have neither an hypothesis nor an objective; we have put the earth and ourselves into the hands of fate."

Jörg Imberger
Jörg Imberger: Life in a Changing Climate
(California Institute of Technology: Caltech Today)
Date accessed: 2009-02-04
License: Not applicable

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