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Introduction to Statistics

Course Summary

This course is based on Stats 2 Introduction to Statistics, Fall 2007 made available by University of California, Berkeley: Webcast.Berkeley under the Creative commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 license.
Population and variables. Standard measures of location, spread and association. Normal approximation. Regression. Probability and sampling. Binomial distribution. Interval estimation. Some standard significance tests. The lectures were conducted by Prof. Hank Ibser at University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2007.

Reading Material

1. Textbook (Berkeley): Statistics (4th Edition)
Freedman, Pisani and Purves, Statistics (4th Edition), W. W. Norton, 2007

2. Collaborative Statistics
Illowsky, B., & Dean, S. 2009. Collaborative Statistics. Connexions, January 16, 2009.
Collaborative Statistics was written by Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean, faculty members at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. The textbook was developed over several years and has been used in regular and honors-level classroom settings and in distance learning classes. This textbook is intended for introductory statistics courses being taken by students at two- and four-year colleges who are majoring in fields other than math or engineering. Intermediate algebra is the only prerequisite. The book focuses on applications of statistical knowledge rather than the theory behind it.
(This free ebook can be viewed online and downloaded at the above link.)

Course Material

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