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Lectures (Video)

Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior

Course Summary

This course is based on EEB 122: Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior, Spring 2009 made available by Yale University: Open Yale under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.
This course presents the principles of evolution, ecology, and behavior for students beginning their study of biology and of the environment. It discusses major ideas and results in a manner accessible to all Yale College undergraduates. Recent advances have energized these fields with results that have implications well beyond their boundaries: ideas, mechanisms, and processes that should form part of the toolkit of all biologists and educated citizens.

Reading Material

1. Yale textbook: Introductory Ecology
Cotgreave, Peter and Irwin Forseth. Introductory Ecology. Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd, 2002.
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2. Yale textbook: An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology
Krebs, John R. and Nicholas B. Davies. An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology, 3rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd, 1993.
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3. Yale textbook: Evolution: An Introduction
Stearns, Stephen C. and Rolf Hoekstra. Evolution: An Introduction, 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005.

Course Material

1. Midterm Exam 1 and Solutions (pdf)

2. Midterm Exam 2 and Solutions (pdf)

3. Practice Midterm Exam 2 (pdf)

4. Practice Midterm Exam 2 Solutions (pdf)

5. Essay Themes (pdf)

6. Writing Assignment (pdf)

Other Resources

1. Darwin's Legacy
This is another course on Darwin's theory of evolution offered by Stanford Continuing Studies Program. It is a more general survey by leading Darwin scholars covering Darwin's far-reaching legacy in fields as diverse as anthropology, religion, medicine, psychology, philosophy, literature, and biology.

2. The Origin of Species
Charles Darwin, Julian Huxley (intro), The Origin of Species, Publisher: Signet Classic, 2003, ISBN 9780451529060
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3. Evolution
Mark Ridley, Evolution, Edition 3, Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, 2004, ISBN 9781405103459
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4. Evolution
Nicholas H. Barton, Evolution, Publisher: CSHL Press, 2007, ISBN 9780879696849
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5. Yale Galapagos Project
The Yale Galapagos Project was designed to support a three-week learning activity in Prof. Stephen Stearns's undergraduate course "Principles of Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior". The project seeks to provoke students' curiosity about the natural world and to strengthen their ability to ask good scientific questions based on their own observations.


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