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Lectures (Video)

Macroeconomic Analysis

Course Summary

This course is based on Econ 100B Macroeconomic Analysis, Fall 2006 made available by University of California, Berkeley: Webcast.Berkeley under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.
This is a course in intermediate macroeconomics with an emphasis on real world applications which includes a study of the factors which determine national income, employment, and price levels, with attention to the effects of monetary and fiscal policy. Taught by Prof Steven A. Wood at University of California, Berkeley.

There are two objectives for this course.

  • 1. To develop simple models that can be usefully applied to generate realistic predictions about the behavior of important macroeconomic variables such as output and income, employment and unemployment, interest rates, the government budget balance, exchange rates and the current account balance, and inflation.
  • 2. To apply these models to understand and interpret current and historical macroeconomic developments including monetary and fiscal policy choices and to make predictions about future macroeconomic events, primarily in the industrialized countries.

Reading Material

1. Textbook (Berkeley Econ 100B): Macroeconomics: Economic Growth, Fluctuations, and Policy, 6th edition
Robert E. Hall and David H. Papell
Macroeconomics: Economic Growth, Fluctuations, and Policy, 6th edition
W. W. Norton & Company, 2005
ISBN 0-393-97515-0

Course Material

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