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Justice - Lecture 24

Lecture 24 - Multiculturalism, Group Rights, and Gender Equality

- How important is it for people to have continuing access to the culture in which they have been raised, as opposed to assimilating into the dominant culture of the society?
- How could it be fair to provide one group with rights that other groups lack - say, to exempt its members from laws (for example, regulating headgear) that others are required to obey?
- Is Okin right that most cultures are patriarchal, and have "as one of their principal aims the control of women by men?" (Are her examples convincing?)
- Is Okin right to think that women who belong to a "more patriarchal minority culture" might be better off if that culture became "extinct" or "integrated" into the majority culture?

Prof. Joshua Cohen
17.01J / 24.04J Justice
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare)
Date accessed: 2008-12-28
License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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